IMG_20140615_143206Hi!  My name is Aida, I’m a twenty-one year old student at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, The Netherlands where I follow the course Redactioneel Medewerker. Big, scary, Dutch words, but it basically means I’m learning things about journalism and I fill my days with writing things and devouring information. Fun!

This blog was initially created simply because school asked me to do it, but seeing as I enjoy using WordPress and I enjoy writing even more, I thought I’d try to keep this thing somewhat updated with things I write every now and then. These things can be completely random, and will most definitely not have a set schedule, but that’s not the point of the blog. All I want is to keep writing and I hope that this blog can help me with that.

IMG_20131126_100126Some useless information about me, then: I love videogames, the first person to have said girls can’t play videogames properly needs to be slapped. I love to read as well and I enjoy reviewing them even more, as I always have some intense feelings afterwards. Seriously, always — bad or good. I love the colour yellow and my favourite past time is singing along with musical numbers, pretending I can actually sing. I enjoy roaming around in the DC Universe of comic land as my love for the Batfamily knows no ends. TV shows and movies are also the bane of my existence, but I love it all dearly.

Thanks for checking out my blog and I hope you enjoy your reads 🙂

Want to contact me? Feel free to email me at scripturientlyreads@gmail.com.





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