Long time no see!

I’m kind of wondering if I haven’t made a post like this before, but here we are. I’ve been kind of absent from this blog, but I have a good reason! I’ve basically… been publishing a book. Y e p. I’ve been working my butt off because I’ve decided to publish my urban fantasy novel, DEVIANTS, through a self-publishing platform here in The Netherlands.

I’ve made a blog to serve as an informational platform about the books, my writing progress and everything else that has to do with it. If you wish to view it, here is the link! Only nine days until I reveal the cover of my book to the world (which is really scary), but I’m also pretty excited about it because I did create it all by myself and I’m pretty proud of it!

Unfortunately since it is through a self-publishing platform, the book will be priced higher than normal because of the printing costs etc. I’m therefor definitely also going to invest some time into making an eBook version. I’m not going to make any money off it, since I just wanted to have my story out there. If people want to support me once the book is out through donations and such, that’s always welcome but never mandatory! However, that’s all for later. I’m currently still in negotiations with my publishing company to see what’s possible, but I’m aiming for a publishing date of July 1st, so keep checking that blog I mentioned earlier if you’re interested in reading it!

As far as this blog goes, I’m not quitting it! I’ve simply had very little time to read lately because I’ve been busy editing my own book and getting things set up for it, but I do intend to start reading more books real soon. Once I do, I’ll obviously post my reviews on here again (and I can’t wait for summer, cause it’s going to be a great time to read!)

I hope everyone’s been doing well!



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