Insurgent Teaser – mini reaction post

Yeahhhhh buddy! The first teaser trailer for Veronica Roth’s Insurgent is out! Let me just grab my popcorn and…

Oh wait. I forgot it’s only a teaser and only like two breaths long. I always get way too excited for this kind of early promotion stuff. But hey, it’s still a trailer! So I thought I’d share my initial thoughts about this one-minute-length bundle of joy right here. Check it out if you haven’t.

Do you want me to be honest? I’m going to be honest. This whole thing is not working for me. At all. Seeing Shailene with short hair was really strange (no, I haven’t adjusted to it at all) and I knew she was going to cut her hair because hey, I read the book. Seeing it is totally different than reading about it. I can’t say I’m too fond of it at this point, but hey, every heroine cuts her hair at some point in her dystopian apocalypse! Why? Symbolism, that’s why!

I honestly have no idea what’s happening in this teaser other than that Tris’ mom makes a spontaneous extra cameo and it’s awesome (love you, Mommy Tris!). Other than that, I was sitting here scratching my head. I mean, I read Insurgent this year. In fact, I read it this summer. I remember none of this. Not in a simulation, not in real life like — what is this? Is it a nightmare? That’s the only logical explanation I can come up with right now, but if that’s the case then where the hell is Will’s cameo? I really didn’t get any particular feelings from this and being underwhelmed at the start of a movie’s promotion is not a good thing.

Obviously it’s very early to be judging, I mean come on, but this wasn’t what I was expecting as the first teaser. I don’t know, is it just me and is my short term memory really becoming a problem? Is this actually something that happened in the book and did I basically just scan over it like, “I don’t see Four’s name or his grumbling anywhere so I’m not interested” (because granted I did have a few of those moments while reading)?

I guess my general response was a little underwhelming and I hate it when that happens. But hey, maybe I’m alone in this — let me know what you thought of the teaser! Did you read the books or not? And what was your initial response?

Feel free to leave a comment and as always, have a great day.

PS. Everyone grab your blanket, sit down and protect Four.



4 thoughts on “Insurgent Teaser – mini reaction post

  1. my literal reaction was “meh”, especially after re-reading insurgent and feeling like Tris’ character went down the drain in it. Definitely not impressed with that teaser trailer- I certainly don’t remember any of that scene!

    • According to a friend of mine who clearly has a better recollection of the book, this is a simulation. She was more impressed by the teaser so I’m thinking that those who really enjoyed Insurgent and remember a lot were really impressed!

    • Haha it does look a little like a game trailer! I think I personally might just prefer longer, more detailed trailers (I guess that’s my problem with teasers haha). Thanks for your comment!

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