Top Ten Tuesday – The Tribute edition (#11)


I apparently have not participated in a Top Ten Tuesday at all during the month of October, which is a new one for me, so let’s get back onto that. I am aware of the fact that it is in fact Wednesday, but I wanted to participate in this Top Ten Tuesday so here we go. As always these Top Ten Tuesdays are hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. If you need any more information about this week book meme, feel free to check out the link I just provided.

This week’s top ten is…

Top Ten Characters You Wish Would Get Their Own Book

There are a ton of characters in book that’s I love, and this is mostly because I tend to really have a lot of love for many side characters. I’m usually that one person who spends five hours describing why I love side character #11 and describes my likes and dislikes for the main in two sentences. That being said, I did have to go through some of my favourite books to see whether characters I liked didn’t already have a book about them. I tried to go for some not-so-obvious books, and I’ve noticed that not many people have really read a lot of the books I (have) read, so that should make for interesting lists.

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Garrett from The Winter People, Achilles and Briseis from The Song of Achilles, Anna-Maria from The Thief Taker, Chaol from Throne of Glass and Ian and The Seeker from The Host.

Some people on this list might in fact already have tiny novellas or spin-offs, but these are the ones that immediately came to mind. Garrett was… I guess you could call him a side-character, but he was my absolute favourite from the book. The author did spoil us a little by writing a small scene from the book in Garrett’s POV, and I really enjoyed that, so any tiny sized novella type of baby book about Garrett or from his POV is something I would welcome. The same goes for Achilles, though we did get a lot of insight and plots into his life (and of course his POV towards the end), I would love to also have a tiny novella in his view. I don’t know if there’s a book solely focused on Chaol (knowing the size of the fandom, there probably is) but just in case there isn’t one, there needs to be one. Just sayin’. Anna-Maria from The Thief Taker was just really funny, so I’d love to read more about her life and Ian and The Seeker from The Host were my two favourite characters throughout the entire book. I thought Meyer was going to write a book from The Seeker’s POV at some point, but I think she opted out on it. I’d still love it.

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Jost and Maela from Crewel, Tariq from A Thousand Splendid Suns, Yvaine from Stardust, Riley from Eclipse and Emily from The Girl In the Steel Corset.

Jost and Maela were my two favourites from Crewel, so I would love extra books on them. Tariq from The Thousand Splendid Suns made me scream and squee like a little baby, so anything on him is great. Stardust is written in Tristran’s POV and I would love to read it from Yvaine’s POV. Riley was my favourite character from Eclipse and he was just kind of thrown into everything because of Victoria and really served no other purpose. That always made me really sad, because he had a life before Victoria decided to use him for her plans and I would really enjoy reading about that life and perhaps his experiences. We got a tiny novella on Bree that I didn’t really care about (and didn’t enjoy that much). I would’ve preferred one on Riley. Last we have Emily and I do think there’s a book in the series that focuses on her, so I wasn’t sure whether to put her on this list but ugh. Emily is my favourite and I just want her everywhere doing everything and kicking ass.

That’s my list for this week, let me know if we have any similarities or if any of these characters already have some kind of spin-off or novella! Lord knows I want to read them.

What was on your list this week?

As always, have a good day!



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