After long deliberation I have decided that I have to take a small break from updating this blog. I know, total bummer, your life has been ruined.

School has gotten pretty intense lately and I find myself worrying about the weekly memes because I know I can’t make them sometimes. They’re a lot of fun to do, but those in combination with this blog are kind of forcing me to finish a lot of books in a short amount of time and I don’t always have that time. That can also result in me rushing through books because I know I have a review to write, and enjoying less of the reading experience. To me, that’s not really what reading is about and although I do want to provide my readers with content, it shouldn’t become a chore and that’s where things are headed nowadays. On top of that, things haven’t been going so swimmingly in my personal life, so I am having a very hard time focusing on books as it is due to stress and downright feeling horrible.

What does this mean for the blog and upcoming reviews:

Planned reviews and review request will always be done, not to worry. If I accepted your story for a review, I will read and review it before the request date. If I know it is coming up, then I will dedicate time to it and make changes in my schedule wherever possible to achieve this. I will also make sure to crosspost my review on Goodreads and to tweet about it once it is up.

The blog will become a little quieter, a little slower if you will. I might still try my hardest to participate in memes and other weekly reoccurring activities, but they are of lesser importance to me now. My main focus will be to read books and review them and if that means I have to sacrifice memes or tags, then that is unfortunately what needs to happen. I will still try to participate in Stacking the Shelves, as I find that is a good way to talk to others and discover new books (especially through Netgalley, in my case).

I don’t have that big of an audience, but the followers I do have are awesome and I wanted to inform you of the change in perhaps frequency and posts. Once everything settles down a bit, things will hopefully go back to normal.

Don’t forget guys: tonight is the premiere of CW’s The Flash, I talked about it right here. If you are interested in superheroes, do check it out, it’s going to be awesome.

As always, thanks for reading and have a lovely day.



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