I’m not dead. (Maybe a little)

Recently I decided to put To Kill a Mockingbird aside because I simply couldn’t get through the book properly, and I decided to focus on reading other books instead. In case you were unaware, I am currently reading The Predicteds by Christine Seifert — so far it’s a very easy read, nothing too earthshattering so far, but I do aim to finish this book today so I will have a review up today also.

I am also reading The Diamond Thief, but I’m only six pages in. I really hope this one will be a good read, I’ve been looking forward to it a lot and I just can’t wait to start devouring it. I plan to get a lot of reading done this weekend, so keep an eye on my blog if you are at all interested in that.

I also made my mandatory trip onto Netgalley and requested a bunch of books, but I also managed to find some interesting titles that were ‘Read Now’ status, which means I got them immediately, so I’m really excited about that! You’ll see the titles tomorrow in my Saturday post of Stacking the Shelves.

Has anyone picked up on any new and/or interesting titles lately? Anyone finish The Infinite Sea yet? Feel free to share!



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