Book review: Freya Being Freya by Thomas Ullman

Freya Being FreyaFreya Being Freya by Thomas Ullman

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I received a free copy of this book from the author, Thomas Ullman, in exchange for an honest review. Receiving a copy has in no way affected my review.

Generally speaking, I try to avoid erotica books. In the past, these books have proven to not sit well with me at all – I have yet to find a good erotica book in which the writing style and descriptions did not bother me. I read for my own personal enjoyment and because of that, I obviously aim to read books I will actually enjoy reading. Recently I was challenged by an author to read his erotica book, to see if perhaps I would change my mind about the genre. Thomas Ullman, author of Freya Being Freya, provided me with a copy of his book and I set out to read it, hopeful that perhaps this would be the first erotica book to be lovingly rated on my shelves.

Unfortunately, that did not happen. I don’t know where my exact problem with this book originated, but one of the main things that kept bothering me was that it all sounded highly illogical to me. The start of the book is a strange one – unexpected and out of the box, but that doesn’t necessarily have to mean it’s a bad thing and I did not treat it as such, either. I used it as a reason to read on and to be interested, but overall I had a hard time wrapping my head around many of the situations in the book.

The book tells the story of a man who awakens Freya, the goddess of love, sexuality and all the beautiful goodness that comes with it. Though back at home in Asgard, Freya is no longer comfortable and prefers to spread her empowering message towards women and their sexuality on earth. A lovely idea, I really did enjoy that aspect of the book a lot, but it all moved so fast that the responses seemed off. The main character wasn’t really confused or at all doubting whether or not what was happening was real, which I would’ve thought to be a more realistic response. This trend of people just ‘believing’ stayed throughout the book. Perhaps I’m too much of a realist, but if someone tells me that woman is Freya, a Norse Goddess, I’ll pat them on the back and suggest them to get more sleep.

On to the erotica bits of the story, as they obviously do form a big part of it. I didn’t find any faults in it – if anything, the erotica in this book was written very well and I really do appreciate that coming from a male author. It was well described and loving and I think, for lovers of erotica, that is something you’d want from such a book.

Freya herself was a really cool character, with quirky responses that one would expect from a goddess who is used to entirely different things, and I enjoyed the little bits of mythology present throughout the book. I didn’t really connect much to the main character, can’t quite pinpoint why but I felt more attached to Freya overall. The same went for Anna, the main character’s sister.

The writing aside from the sex scenes was also alright, though a little repetitive at times and there were some weirdly formulated sentences. Some of them were also long and to me became hard to keep track of. I would’ve loved for the main character to have a friend or two, just to see his relationship with others aside from his sister because it became a lot of the same responses, which was a shame. I also felt a little uncomfortable reading about the main character and his sister openly discussing sex (detailed, I might add) – I know a lot of siblings, and none have ever been that open about it and cringe at the idea(quite frankly they didn’t care either).

Freya Being Freya had an amazingly empowering message for women especially, which I want to give credit to the author for – it was a really good message and that was one thing I undoubtedly loved about it. Erotica is just not my thing and combined with a few of the points mentioned above made up for my 2 out of 5 star rating. For those who enjoy erotica and are looking for a quirky book with an empowering message, Freya Being Freya could be the one to satisfy your thirst.



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