Top Ten Tuesday – Lunch edition (#7)


It is September 2nd and that marks the first Top Ten Tuesday in September, as always hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. If you need any more information about this week book meme, feel free to check out the link I just provided.

This week’s top ten is…

Top Ten Book Characters That Would Be Sitting At My Lunch Table

Right– so this is kind of a weird question for me because quite frankly, we didn’t have tables long enough to even accommodate ten people for lunch — it would literally involve sitting on each other’s laps and such. Aside from that, I would probably die if I had to eat lunch with so many people because it would be the biggest possible mess and jumble of conversations ever. That being said, let’s see if I can get to ten.


1. Celaena (Throne of Glass)

2. Christina (Divergent)

3. Luna (Harry Potter)

4. Rose (Vampire Academy)

5. Wanda (The Host)



6. Chaol (Throne of Glass)

7. Tristan (Stardust)

8. Noah (Mara Dyer)

9. Peeta (The Hunger Games)

10. Christian (Vampire Academy)

… This is a really weird list.

Okay! I obviously went for five ladies and five gents, to keep it even and I tried to not choose pairings from book series because quite frankly, they’d just gush over each other and come on — I’m trying to eat.

Celaena & Christina: I chose Celaena and Christina because I think they’d get along really well — Nehemia, in fact, reminded me of Christina a little because of their similar straightforward attitude, so I think Celaena and Christina would get along very well.

Luna, Wanda & Rose: I think Luna would be infinitely interested in the stories Wanda has to tell, so I think they’d go well together and Rose is my best bud. We’d sit there and look at pretty men. Namely the ones at the table with us (and everyone would be jealous, let’s be real):

Chaol & Christian: Chaol needs to be there, just because. For some reason I’d love to see the combination Chaol and Christian — I think they’d be able to get along fairly reasonably, enough to have a pretty decent conversation and laugh at each others jokes.

Peeta & Tristan: Peeta and Tristan would be instant best buds — Peeta is a baker and Tristan works in a grocery store, they could swap really weird stories and I’d just love to see them be buddies.

Noah: Noah I just think is a really nice addition and he would probably make the admirers flock to the table. Which, of course, Rose would make weird comments about, and then we’d all laugh.

I think in general this bunch of people would be really nice to hang out with — whether I’d want to mess around and be a little weird or whether I’d prefer to stay under the radar, I’d have people around me to accomplish that and that was what I was going for.

We’d also totally be the prettiest looking table around. Just sayin’.

I tried to pick some not-so-obvious characters this time to avoid lists constantly looking like one another, but it was good fun all the same!

Who’s sitting at your table, and can my posse and I join you?

As always, have a good day!





2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Lunch edition (#7)

  1. That looks like such a nice group of people to hang out with. I can’t believe that I forgot about Noah seeing as I love him so much! Luna was on my list too – she seems like a lot of fun. 🙂

    • Basically with these lists, I glance back at my bookshelf for inspiration hahaha. I saw Mara Dyer and though, “Oo, Noah could be good”. And hey, who wouldn’t want Luna around? 😉 Thanks for the comment!

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