Trial by Netgalley

I basically dug my own grave when I signed up for Netgalley, and I should’ve known that but wahey — I thought I’d have more self control once signed up (spoiler: I don’t have that self control). I have several Netgalley books ready to be read and reviewed, and I am currently reading The Hollow Crown by Dan Jones, also a Netgalley title to be released early September and in my favourite genre: historical fiction, with emphasis on The War of the Roses era/Tudor era.

Just now I finished Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen as part of Austen August, which I pride myself on (no pun intended) because I struggled with the writing style quite a bit. Still, I plowed through the 365 pages the book provided and watched Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth grow fonder of each other, which was nice. I enjoyed it enough to give it a positive review: you’ll see the review tomorrow.

22087268As I started the post with Netgalley books, this would be the opportune moment to point out that I found Trial by Fire by Josephine Angelini on Netgalley … and I requested it. Accidentally (Really!). If I can get it approved, I will read that first as it has an August release date — if not, I’ll move on to some books scheduled for early September. Exciting stuff!

I’m off to (perhaps) watching the Pride and Prejudice movie to close this read off.

As always, have a good day!


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