Book Review: The Curse by Jennifer Brassel

The CurseThe Curse by Jennifer Brassel

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks to the author Jennifer Brassel and the publisher, Escape Publishing.

Stories tell of Tuthmosis, one of the most well-known and powerful pharaohs in history, falling in love with a slave girl and vowing to find her again after she is rudely taken from him. Seth Almose, said to be a direct descendant of the pharaoh, finds himself dealing with the so-called curse of the pharaoh: he can’t seem to find his soul mate. Time and again he starts a relationship, only to find she is not the one he is looking for – until he stumbles upon Julia Morrow, a painter who finds herself unable to stop painting … one particular pharaoh. She seems drawn to the ruler, and once she meets Seth and discovers his stories of reincarnation and curses, the whole soul mate cycle starts anew. Is Julia the one? If so, the true question remains: can she be protected from her own downfall?

I saw this book on Netgalley and was immediately drawn to the cover: first of all, it’s yellow – which happens to be my favourite colour- , but there are also tombs present on the cover and that is a surefire way to capture my attention. I have always been obsessed with Ancient Egypt and I’ve spent countless of hours watching documentaries on its pharaohs and consorts, so this book was exactly something I’d be interested in.

I thought the story was very interesting and very original. Incorporating Ancient Egypt and its many tales into a modern day story is tough – at least it seems tough, to me – and I’d like to praise the author, Jennifer Brassel, for doing this marvelously. The modern times weaved quite easily with the ancient times, creating what was, in my opinion, a lovely storyline. The entire idea of pharaohs and other figures from that time being reincarnated is a beautiful thing to imagine and serves very well as the base of the story, so props for that.

Julia, the main character, was a nice character to read about. Both her external and internal dialogue were pleasant and believable to read, as were her responses to happenings in everyday life. Learning about her unpleasant experience in the past with her stalker was a very uncomfortable topic for me, as it should rightfully be, and I really felt for Julia as she finally managed to pick up her life again. Despite everything that happened, she tried to move forward, and I admire that in characters.

Seth I was less interested in personally, but I will admit that him being a direct descendant made him very interesting. However, I did find a bit intrusive at times, and I despise any character making decisions for their loved ones – he did a lot of that. Understandable, as he was more aware of the danger Julia was in and was more capable to deal with any possible issues, but it bugged me nonetheless. At one point he brought her home without ever having asked her address. Personally, if I was Julia I would’ve been downright terrified, what with the stalker history, but she seemed relatively okay with it and I thought that was somewhat of a downplayed reaction.

I also felt that the group of bad guys could’ve been a little more threatening towards the end, it all seemed to end quite well relatively easy. Call me crazy, but I would’ve loved some fighting, potential blood flow and actual despair. Finding out who was in on the plot wasn’t a surprise to me, but hey, it might be for others! Aside from that I would’ve loved more backstory on Julia and Seth in their previous lives.

As a personal thing, I have to say I loved all the mentions of Dutch names, places and other related things, as I am Dutch myself. It was nice to see that one of our cities was mentioned for once, and it wasn’t Amsterdam! Yay! Kudos to the author for that.

All in all I enjoyed this read, as it was all about Ancient Egypt and contained a believable love story. If you enjoy a decent read about pharaohs combined with some steamy love scenes, definitely check this out and, come on – who would want to keep a pharaoh waiting?

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