Game review: Kim Kardashian Hollywood

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. No, I didn’t really know what I was thinking either when I installed this game on my not-so-fantastic Android phone. No, I don’t really know what makes this game so addictive either, but– oh, hang on. My photo shoot in Beverly Hills ends in a couple of minutes, I have to collect some stars.

SC20140720-004513Right, so about a week ago, I was browsing twitter when I saw all my friends talk about the same thing. “Why won’t my energy recharge faster!” “Hey, guys — add me on Kim K so we can date.” I was completely confused — at first, I thought it was some new dating app that I missed out on again, as I did previously. But I soon figured out that that wasn’t the case at all. My entire twitter list had been taken over by models — models in a game called Kim Kardashian Hollywood.

The basics
If you haven’t heard of the game, good for you — run while you still can (seriously, go, this game is dangerous for your social life). The game revolves around you becoming a model/celebrity after helping none other than Kim Kardashian with a fashion emergency. With a completely customizable character that you can edit from head to toe, it is your job as a player to climb the ranks to an A-List. This basically means you have several millions of fans, wear the coolest and trendiest clothes and excel in every photo shoot you do. You gather things like energy bolts (needed to do things), but also money, love hearts to increase your affection towards a character and Kim K stars, which enable you to purchase things that are either off limits or extremely expensive.

The game is time based (in real time), which means that it’ll frequently say things like, “Maria will call you in an hour,” or “Your photo shoot lasts three hours.” You travel to places like New York, Miami and Beverly Hills to do shoots, meet new people and expand your network. Of course you can also date, it is encouraged, and a lovely feature in this game is that you are not shackled to only dating males — frequently you are presented with the option to flirt with women as well, giving you the freedom to style the game as you like.

Poison apple
I, too, have fallen into the web that is this game (I’m a B-list, cough…), but I am unable to tell you why it is such an addictive game. Naturally you strive to be the best, but there are more games out there. It could be the celebrity factor, or the fact that it is, in general, a very well made game that offers a fun platform for several hours a day. The only complaint I have is that it is, as are many games, Apple biased, which in plain terms means that if you are not the owner of an iPhone or iPad, you get limited options. I use an Android and the game works fine, but it was a bummer to discover that I was not able to invite friends or go on dates with them, as opposed to my friends who do use iPhones.

As with most games nowadays, you have the option to enhance your gameplay by buying things with real life money, but it is not mandatory. You are also able to complete offers in order to get free stars.


Even my character doesn’t seem impressed with my willpower to quit.

In conclusion, it is a very fun game and to be quite honest, I’ve seen very few people who are not playing it. My guess is that this will be the go-to game of the Summer and in my opinion, it’s perfect for that. Whether you’re lazying at home or on the beach, spending some time becoming a top rank celebrity with a villa in Mexico seems like a fun way to pass the time.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood is available now on iTunes and in the Google Play store.






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