Book-tube-a-thon update: day seven + Netgalley

It’s the last day of book-tube-a-thon guys! I’m super excited (and a little relieved) to finish this event, mostly because of the weather and the pressure of knowing you only have # many days left to finish a book – it’s nerve wrecking! On top of that I took it upon myself to also write reviews and I aimed to have them up one day after finishing the novel (that obviously proved to be a challenge as well) but it’s been a fun ride. As it stands right now I have read four books in total, with a total of 1146 pages read, and that’s a pretty big deal to me! I am about to start reading the second book in the Witch series, namely Always a Witch, and once I finish that I’ll have read five books, which was my goal, yay!

oawaawAs previously stated, I was going to read The Night Circus as part of the book-tube-a-thon challenge, but when I discovered that there are only two books in the Witch series, thus making it a duology, I decided that I would read the second book in the series instead. This because one of the reading challenges tied to book-tube-a-thon is starting and finishing a series. Hopefully I will be able to finish the book today — I have high hopes!

Waiting for me is the remainder of Crewel, I managed to read 160 pages before I started book-tube-a-thon and put it to the side. That one is a novel I’m enjoying a lot, so I’m looking forward to finishing that sometime soon as well. Getting stuff done this summer, yeah!



I mentioned that I am now active on Netgalley thanks to my friend Andrea helping me set things up, and I’ve chosen a novel that I want to start relatively soon (by this I mean within the next week):


John Dreamer by Elise Celine.

From what I’ve read of the synopsis I think it could be an interesting read, and since it is also classified as a fantasy/contemporary novel, I decided that it’d be a nice change for my current reading pile. I tend to stick to YA books as my preference lies with those books, but I’m most definitely open to broadening my horizons when it comes to books, so bring it on!


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