Book-tube-a-thon update: day three

I honestly feel like I’m flooding WordPress with all of these updates, but it is officially day three of the book-tube-a-thon and I am doing relatively well and am very happy with my progress so far!

Just ten minutes ago I finished The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau and rated it four out of five stars on Goodreads — honestly don’t ask me why it’s not a five star rating because I enjoyed it thoroughly, it might be one of my favorites even, but the books I’ve rated five stars so far were proper gems for me. Again, don’t ask me what City of Ember lacked in order to only get four, because I still loved it to bits and pieces. A full review will be written about this as well shortly.

Next up is a book I’ve been dying to start reading just because of the cover, and if you’ve seen my last post you know exactly which one it is:


I’ll be starting Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce sometime today, most likely tonight when I’m in bed. This book also covers one of the challenges mentioned in the reading challenge video up on the book-tube-a-thon YouTube channel, namely: read a book with red on the cover. I’ve got it both in word and color — think I’ve got it covered?

On that note, finishing the City of Ember also covered one of the challenges, which was read a book that has a movie adaptation (and watch the movie adaptation after you finish the book). I will be watching the movie tonight, so that’ll be two challenges done 🙂

That’s it for me, hope my fellow marathoners are doing well and if you’re not a fellow marathoner, well, then I still hope you’re doing well in whatever you’re doing. You go and slice that tomato! You go and walk that dog! You go and own that job interview!

Haha, alright that’s enough silliness from me for today. Have a good one!











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