A late entry into book-tube-a-thon 2014!

Leave it up to me to make rash and unexpected decisions in regards to books (it certainly would not be the first time)! I have decided to, however late I am to this party, join this yearly booktubeathon. What is booktubeathon? You’re not the only one unfamiliar with the idea!

Book-tube-a-thon is a week where you choose several books to read for your TBR pile and you aim to read as much as you can. The reason for the name comes from the overlap between reading books, posting videos on YouTube and being active on Twitter. You are not forced to make videos – if you don’t want to or are simply unable to (like I am), then go about your reading without making any videos. If you are able to, it is encouraged as it is a fun way to document your progress and sometimes even join giveaways or prize winning events.

Don’t listen to me blabber on about it, because I actually forgot to join in on the actual starting day yesterday, July 14th. That’s right – the event started yesterday on July 14th and ends on Sunday July 20th. So, basically – by the time it’s Monday the 21st, you’ll be able to say that you’ve read a shit ton of books in a small time frame — if that’s what you want, obviously! Yaaaaay for epic book reading!

Check out the official booktubeathon YouTube channel here for videos explaining the whole ordeal far better than I’m doing right now, and follow them on twitter right here in order not to miss out on Twitter sprints and other lovely updates (are you reading this right now going, ‘What the hell is a Twitter sprint?!’ GO TO THAT YOUTUBE CHANNEL. RIGHT NOW. GO. I’LL WAIT).

For my TBR pile, I’ve chosen a very optimistic five books that I aim to read in the upcoming six days, three of which I am forcing myself to finish at the very least. At the rate that I normally read, that is a normal, achievable goal that I’ll be happy with if when reached.

SAMSUNG The books I’ve chosen are Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce, The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern (you’ll have seen this in my contribution to WWW Wednesdays, I just haven’t started it yet), The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau, Once a Witch by Carolyn MacCullough and The Water Wars by Cameron Stracher.

These were all books I was planning on reading (emphasis on planning…) and now I have to perfect excuse to just marathon them like crazy and devour like, I don’t know, a thousand pages if I’m lucky. I tried my best to choose different types of books, but I think I failed in that department. Oh well! I had to choose quickly since I’m already a day behind, and I needed to get reading.


SAMSUNGI’ve decided to start with The Water Wars, simply to give myself a little break and start off easy. It’s one of the thinnest books on the pile with a small 240 pages and I thought it would be an easy and relatively general start. I have no order set for which I will read these books in, it’ll be a random spontaneous decision (as was this entire idea) and I’m very interested to see where we’ll end up on Sunday!

Again, check out the official booktubeathon YouTube channel here for videos explaining the whole ordeal and follow them on twitter here in order not to miss out on Twitter sprints and other updates.

As always you can follow my reading progress on my Goodreads page. Good luck!





3 thoughts on “A late entry into book-tube-a-thon 2014!

  1. All of the awesome!! wish my week had been laid back enough to let me do booktubeathon but sadly about 4 things came up in the one week! *le sigh* maybe next year!

    • You can always enter a mini tiny bit with the amount of reading that you do! You could do maybe two or three books for the remainder of the week!

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