Book Review #5 – The King’s Secret Matter by Jean Plaidy

The King's Secret Matter (Tudor Saga, #4)The King’s Secret Matter by Jean Plaidy

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As a big Tudor fan, I had to pick this up when I realised that Anne Boleyn was to be mentioned. Though this book starts at the beginning of Henry’s growimgllng annoyance with Katherine not giving birth to a son (and him taking interest in Anne), the story definitely focuses on Katherine’s response to everything.

Katherine refuses to step down as Queen, as she believes to be Henry’s one true wife. The majority of the story focused on that and her battle against the changes that Henry started putting through. The relationship between Katherine and her daughter Mary was especially important, and it was emphasized in every chapter that Katherine, under no circumstances, would say she was not Henry’s wife, because that would mean that Mary would lose her titles.

The book started slowly, with everything that Wolsey was doing being explained properly (and watching him fall from favour with pretty much every decision) and the rise of Thomas Cranmer and Thomas More. To me, it seemed to be a good ‘fictional’ story and it was nicely written. You obviously don’t know what these people were thinking in their time, but Jean Plaidy did a good job in illustrating their every thought and making it all seem reasonable and believable.

A good book for any Tudor fan, though I must say that the show followed the exact same scenes/situations, so it sort of felt like I was reading the manuscript for the show haha. Not a bad thing, since I liked the show a lot. Though JRM is obviously not Henry, my brain still automatically made me picture him, which didn’t always correspond (beady eyes and puffy face, anyone?)

All in all I enjoyed the read (despite my copy missing an entire chapter), the descriptions were nice and I loved reading about all the historical figures I love so much.


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