Book reviews

So here’s a first — an English post on a (mostly) Dutch filled blog (up till now, that is). All my life I’ve been writing, but I’ve never really felt comfortable writing in Dutch, despite it being my first language. Something about it just doesn’t flow right to me (maybe that’s just because I’m not trained to make it ‘flow right’), so I’ve always preferred to write in English. I have the exact same thing with reading. When I read books, I prefer to read in English, because somehow the story comes to life whenever I read it in English. Especially when books have been translated into Dutch when the original format was English, I cringe whenever I read and realize that some of the magic is gone.

I read. A lot. Not quite as much as my friend Andrea, who seems to devour books for breakfast, lunch, dinner and secondsies (no seriously, she’s ridiculous when it comes to reading. She recently made a book review blog, go figure!), but I still read quite a lot. More so than my classmates or the people I have around me in general. Writing is improved by reading, this is a well known fact. And when I’ve read books, I most always have some kind of gigantic opinion about it — whether I love it or hate it never quite cuts it.

So that’s what I’ve decided to post here, as well. Book reviews in English, if the book is written in any other language than Dutch. And hell, I might possibly do a few book reviews in Dutch too. Maybe I’ll decide to do both. But seeing as I am active on Goodreads almost daily now that Andrea has sent me new books to read (many thanks, darling!) I might as well have the same reviews on here as I would on Goodreads.

For all the book reviews that I do, you can always visit my Goodreads page (which I will link here, but you can also reach it via the Goodreads widget to the side). This widget will also keep you up to date on what I’m currently reading, if anyone is at all interested in that.

So there you have it! Book reviews, yay!

I will most likely also be doing other posts in English, but this will be mostly when I feel like it. Dutch or English, we will see what happens, but either way — words will be there.


3 thoughts on “Book reviews

    • Yeah, I have haha. It’s actually for school, we actually get graded on our posts on here, that’s why it’s mostly in Dutch 🙂 But I figured, hey — why not, right? That’s why I created a separate tag for English posts etc. Thank you for the comment and such, dearest 😀

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